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Quality Paint Means Total Confidence

The Paint Supplies You Need That Look Great When It’s Dry and When It Comes To The Bottom Line

Choosing the right color for the job can be hard. Our color experts will help you make the right choice for your look and your budget.

Juniors now carries quality paint products that include a primer to reduce the time and overall cost of jobs for both contractors and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Choose from an array of premium colors with quality that speaks for itself.

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Interior Paint

valspar interior paint

No matter what surface you’re trying to color, Junior’s has you covered with our premium selection of paints, primers, and paint supplies Georgia trusts. Whether you’re painting a single room, an entire house, or multiple buildings, Junior’s has all the supplies you need to get the job done right. 

Exterior Paints

valspar Exterior Paint

When it comes to exterior painting, you’ve got to find the color that fits with the quality that lasts. Junior’s carries an extensive selection of paints for outside floors, decks, railings, ceilings, siding, fixtures, and accents that work on a large variety of outdoor surfaces.

Stains & Sealants

cabot Stains & Sealants

Stains and sealants keep your deck, furniture, and other wood looking great year after year while protecting from the sun and the elements. Junior’s carries quality brands like Cabot, ReadySeal, and MinWax so that you know your stains and seals will stand the test of time. 

Spray Paint

Who doesn’t love the convenience, versatility, and ease of use of spray paint? Whether you’re just touching up a few spots, customizing or accenting for that extra touch, or tackling a larger scale project, Junior’s carries the colors and finishes you need from brands you can trust like Rustoleum. 

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Junior’s has spray paints for interior and exterior applications with flat, gloss, and satin finishes.

Painting Tools & Hardware

Brushes & Rollers

We carry quality brushes of all types and sizes so you can cover every corner, nook, and detail with ease and confidence. Whether you need just a single brush or you need to buy in bulk for a bigger job, Junior’s has you covered.

As a contractor, saving time means big money. As a DIYer, saving time means saving your sanity and your budget. Junior’s has the rollers, poles, and everything else you need to get the job done with efficiently and effectively. We’ll be happy to help you get the right tools for the task at hand at Junior’s Building Materials.

Tools & Hardware

Do you need…





Heat guns?

Check. Check. Check. Check. And… check again. We’ve got it all – because having the right tool for the task at hand makes all the difference. Whether you need supplies for yourself or your entire team, Junior’s has the quality tools in stock to make painting less of a hassle.

Supplies & Tape

One of the most important elements of painting is making sure the paint only ends up where you want it. So to keep everything else clean, Junior’s carries a full range of painting supplies, tarps, tapes, and cloths, & more .

  • Painters Tape
  • Drop & Drip Cloths
  • Coveralls
  • Paint Thinners & Removers
  • Brush Cleaner
  • Mineral Spirits
  • & More

Sealants & Chemicals

When things leak or get clogged, chemical solutions are some of the most cost effective methods for fixing clogs, blockages, and drainage issues. Whether it’s the tub or something else entirely, Junior’s carries the chemicals you need to get your water flowing again.

Ladders & More

Junior’s carries ladders from trusted brands like Louisville, Werner, and others to help you paint those hard to reach places safely and securely.