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Landscaping, Lawn, Garden, & Outdoor Supplies

No matter what shape the building is in, everyone “judges a book by it’s cover.” And that means that we understand that you take pride in the external appearance of your home, buildings, or work sites. Whether you’re searching for grass seed to lay the perfect lawn with a breezy summer sheen or the tools to work the landscape, Junior’s has you covered. Come on down to check out our supplies, or view our online catalogue. 

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Long Handle Tools

Shovels, scoops, rakes, pitch forks, axes, sledge hammers, and everything else to make your landscaping less of a hassle. We’ve got name brands like Vulcan so you can trust that your tools will be there for you and your team when you need to rely on them.

Cross Ties

Cross ties are great for cribbing, retaining walls, garden beds, and other outdoor usage. Junior’s has loads of this versatile timber ready to give your next project that treasured reclaimed look, complete with rustic appeal.

Power Lawn Tools

Sometimes, you just need a bit more power to get it done. Junior’s has the chainsaws, blowers, and other powered tools to help you get the job done faster. With trusted brands like Husqvarna, Junior’s has the quality power tools that will stand the test of years of field work.

Hoses & More

Junior’s carries everything you need to keep your outdoor water supply under control. We’ve got short and long hoses with lengths up to 100′, connectors for extensions, hand-controlled sprayers and nozzles, and sprinklers to make your job easier.  

Treatment & Care

There’s a lot more to making a lawn look great than just the seeds, the plants, and the weather. Whether you need to keep out unwanted pests or to protect your vegetation from ever encroaching weeds and unwanted plants, Junior’s has a full line of outdoor chemical treatments for your lawn care and pest control needs.

Grass & Seed

Great lawns start with great seed. That’s why Junior’s only carries trusted name brands like GreenSeed to help you get that gorgeous green glow for your lawn and landscaping needs. We also carry a full line of fertilizers and plant food so you can give your garden or lawn everything it needs to flourish and thrive.

Pest Control

Pests can ruin the best of homes, construction sites, and other projects. We carry a variety of brands so that you can choose the right option for your specific situation. After all, we know how important it is to keep unwanted pests from disrupting your day and possibly putting you in danger.