As a homeowner there are so many different opportunities to add value to your home through fun, creative home improvement projects. Whether you’re looking for plumbing supplies, roofing materials, or lumber, establishing a strong relationship with a reliable hardware store will help you begin your projects. With these simple ideas, we hope to inspire you to add value to your property through home improvement projects.

Depending on your preferences, it’s often wise to begin with the exterior areas that surround your home. Landscape projects allow you to showcase your personal style and provide excellent returns. Landscaping may yield a Return on Investment (ROI) of as much as %150 by spending as little as 5% of your home’s value. When you consider this potentially incredible return, prioritizing landscaping work and other forms of outdoor home improvement is a no-brainer. If you can invest 5% of your home’s value and get a return of 150%, you would be foolish to neglect putting some part of your income and efforts into improving your home through landscape projects.

For more structural projects such as roof replacements, painting, and siding, a good hardware store can provide you with valuable guidance. For example, there are many types of roofs to consider. Your choice should reflect any specific climate conditions, and serve to accommodate other unique features of your home such as the siding and paint job. Window replacement supplies provide yet another opportunity for beautifying your home’s appearance.

Room-specific renovations are good to consider as well. Repainting older walls can change the entire feel of a room. Updating your plumbing and appliances will save you money over time and ensure that you are using water and energy in the most efficient manner possible.

As you navigate the hardware store, you should not hesitate to ask questions and establish a connection with experts. An experienced hardware store employee has industry-specific knowledge that will be of immeasurable benefit you both as you purchase your supplies, and as you complete your project. By investing in home improvement projects of all different types, you are increasing the value of your property and doing a favor for your neighborhood.