If you’re a homeowner, odds are you probably want to make a few changes to your house. In 2018, 31% of homeowners planned to renovate their bathrooms, 26% planned to renovate their kitchens, and 28% planned to make general repairs. But one thing all these homeowners had in common was that they wanted to stick to a budget. Homeowners are now even rolling up their own sleeves and doing the work themselves to save some money.

If you’re planning on going the DIY route, you need the right tools to get the job done. The obvious place to go? Your local hardware store. But before you say, “Where’s a hardware store near me?,” you should make a plan. Decide which room or rooms in your home require the most attention. 

If you have a kitchen that’s falling apart, that could be a good place to start if you cook a lot. If you have a rundown bathroom and need to unwind at the end of the day with a long, hot bath and some aromatherapy, think about remodeling your bathroom first. Or if you are looking to make little changes around the house to spruce things up, choose a few projects to tackle at once. Here are some easy DIY home improvement projects you could try, once you have all the tools you need.

Easy Kitchen Updates

Perhaps the easiest update you can make to a kitchen is to paint the cabinets. Painting the cabinets a different color makes the space look entirely different. If you have dark wood, try painting your cabinets white or cream. You could even try a dark or vibrant color on your lowers and white on your uppers. This can make your kitchen look brighter and larger. Simply remove the cabinet doors and hardware before you paint. Add some new hardware when you’re done, and you’ll think you just spent a fortune on your kitchen remodel.

When you visit that “hardware store near me,” consider painting your countertops, as well. Hardware stores carry a variety of countertop kits that can save you from having to spend thousands of dollars on new counters.

If you’re a fan of HGTV, you’ll know how popular shiplap walls have become. You can even create a faux shiplap wall or backsplash with adhesive flooring. You won’t have to cut real wood or use a tile cutter, making this an appealing DIY project for both novices and experts.

Simple Bathroom Updates

The one thing that people hate most about their bathrooms is their outdated tubs and showers. If you can’t afford to replace them, you have the option of refinishing, painting, or buying a liner to go over the top of your existing tub. If you can’t change your bath or shower, just add a curved shower curtain rod and a new curtain to dress up the bathroom and give you a little more elbow room. And if space and storage are a problem in your bathroom, add wall shelves, pullout drawers in your vanity, or more towel bars and hooks.

To make your bathroom feel a little more glamorous, you could add a chandelier, towel warmer, or light switch with a dimmer. Even adding some candles, getting some new plush towels, or a nice bath mat can help finish your space. If you have a large vanity mirror, you can add tiles or a frame around it to make it stand out. While these new additions might sound extravagant, their installation is easy enough for virtually any homeowner to handle.

Minimal Living Room or Bedroom Updates

If you feel like your living room or bedroom are just a little blah, Google “hardware store near me” and head to one of the top search results to find small things to make updates. Change out your lampshades, throw pillows, blankets, and wall hangings. 

You could paint the furniture and change the hardware just as you would your cabinets. If you have a focal point, such as a fireplace, paint or replace the mantel. You could even replace the stone or tile if you have a little more skill. Replace the mantel décor with new photos or candles. 

Another easy project is creating a new headboard. You can make a simple one with some plywood, batting, fabric, and a staple gun. One of the most overlooked updates in the bedroom and living room is the lighting. You should have a mix of overhead and task lighting in both. Table lamps, lanterns, candles, and even string lights can give you more subtle light.

Now that you’ve read a few tips on DIY projects, go ahead and Google “hardware store near me” to take the first step. Once you decide what to update, take your time and you will have a space you love in no time.