If you’re the DIY type and you’re in the market for a new home, you might already be thinking about all the fun renovation projects that will allow you to stamp your own personality onto your investment. Or, if you’re planning for the future, you might be thinking about renovations that will allow you to age in peace. Ten percent of survey respondents ages 35 to 44 stated they are renovating their homes to “prepare to stay in it as I get older.”

In searching for places to purchase materials so we can build, design, and renovate, we notice self-service is everywhere. From grocery stores and gas stations to online shopping and big-box stores, customer service has nearly become a thing of the past. So, if you are just getting into home renovations, how are you supposed to know which materials you need?

If you’ve ever thought ‘Would a local hardware store near me provide some insight, you’re not alone! The benefits of using a local hardware store are far more than you might expect. To start with, they provide various personal services that most, if not all, big home improvement chains don’t offer.

For example, services that are often free of charge at a local hardware store are materials estimation, cutting the materials to specific dimensions, advice, and instructions on “how-to”, and also classes on how to use their products correctly and more effectively. Now, these are just a few of the services provided and they may vary from one store to another. Services like the ones mentioned previously could cost a fee if you were to go to a big name brand store. 

Additionally, for renovation projects, you will be able to buy all the products and materials needed to finish the job in one place. Local hardware stores carry windows, loads of lumber materials, paint and paint supplies, as well as plumbing parts. With all these options, and classes available to help teach us how to properly repair/fix a problem, why would you go anywhere else?

By using a local hardware store, you are not only decreasing financial expenses by not having to pay for shipping but you’ll also still have great customer service. With one call, you can speak to an experienced professional on how to solve a problem you came across.

Having that kind of convenience at your fingertips could mean the difference between a $20 fix or a $20,000 repair. The benefits of utilizing your local hardware store far outweigh any big chain supplier that you may never be able to reach; be smart and research your town for a hardware store nearby.