According to Houzz, kitchens are still the number one most popular and most expensive room to renovate as of 2018. Unfortunately, not everyone has thousands of dollars to gut their kitchen and install that island they’ve been dreaming of. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your kitchen a serious facelift.

In fact, there are several home projects you can do this weekend to make your kitchen look brand new. Here are a few budget projects you can try to make your home’s kitchen a place where you actually want to cook.

    1. Change your hardware. When it comes to kitchen renovations, your hardware might be the last thing on your mind. But you’d be surprised by just how big an impact drawer pulls and cabinet knobs can have. Visit your local hardware stores to get an idea for the different types of drawer pulls and knobs there are. Changing up the hardware can either make your kitchen look more modern or vintage depending on your style.
    2. Install a new faucet.¬†Speaking of hardware that makes a big impact, upgrading your kitchen faucet is another great budget-friendly way to boost your kitchen’s aesthetic. Consider the different types of faucets there are in terms of functionality, too. A hands-free faucet could be the kitchen upgrade you didn’t know you needed.
    3. Paint your cabinets.¬†You don’t need to replace all of your cabinets to upgrade your kitchen. All you need are some tools, sandpaper or sanding tools, paint primer, and other paint supplies. Not only is painting your cabinets a cheaper option than replacing them but you can also change them to any color you want. For instance, a popular kitchen trend right now is to have your upper cabinets a lighter color than your bottom ones. By DIY painting your cabinets, you can paint your upper cabinets white and your bottom cabinets a chic dark gray.

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